Coping With Losing the Ability to Drive

No one plans for the day when he or she will lose the ability to drive safely. Many people know when friends or family are no longer safe drivers, but may not realize that it is time for them to stop driving, too. When faced with the loss of independence, reduced mobility, and isolation that can accompany the loss of driving privileges, a senior citizen may become defensive of his or her driving ability.

Respite Care: Giving Caregivers a Much-Needed Break

For many people, the challenge of caring for an elderly family member is part of their daily lives. Family caregivers that have dedicated their time to taking care of an elderly loved one often have little time to take care of their own needs. In many cases, the sole family caregiver lives far away from other family members or friends who may be able to offer assistance.  As the number of elderly caregivers in America increases, so does the number of caregivers suffering from exhaustion, isolation, and depression.

Social Security Disability Benefits in Connecticut

After years of paying into the Social Security system, many Americans are surprised at how difficult it is to collect disability benefits in a time of need.  Though you have no choice but to pay into the system, the Social Security administration does have choice as to whether or not to pay your claim for disability benefits. To collect any benefits, you will have to meet a strict set of guidelines, proving that you are unable to work for more than a year or will face death because of a disability.

Nursing Home Payment Options

Unfortunately, many families worry about the high cost of nursing home care and are concerned about nursing home payment options. In many states, there are a variety of funding options available for those that need 24-hour care.  While the assistance that you receive is based on your specific situation, there are resources that you can seek out to help you find the money that you need.

Many people consider these nursing home payment options when looking for ways to pay for nursing home or skilled nursing care:

Estate Planning - Tips To Benefit Any Senior

Estate planning can benefit any senior citizen or aging couple with assets they hope to preserve and protect. Whatever the size of your estate, you need an estate plan to make sure that the right parties inherit your valuable assets. Your estate plan can also limit the amount of taxes that your beneficiaries may owe.

The following estate planing tips may be helpful for you, even if you already have an estate plan in place:

What is a Supplemental Needs Trust?

A supplemental needs trust is designed to provide benefits to, and protect the assets of, physically or mentally disabled people. A supplemental needs trust is set up for a disabled person with funds provided by a third party. These trusts still allow such persons to qualify for and receive governmental health care benefits, such as long-term nursing or home care benefits and Supplemental Security Disability.

The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

As many elder law lawyers will tell you, most initial SSDI and SSI applications are initially denied. When you work with an experienced attorney, that denial is often reversed. Seniors should look for effective legal representation from a Social Security Disability lawyer to make sure that their claim is effectively filed.

Helping an Aging Parent Cope with a Loss of Mobility

A loss of independence can create feelings of frustration for many elderly people. Here are some tips for helping an aging parent cope with a loss of mobility.

A loss of mobility can create frustration and feelings of uselessness for many elderly people. Simple activities, such as grocery shopping or doctor’s appointments, may seem like impossible tasks. Mobility problems include unsteadiness while walking, difficulty getting in and out of a chair, and muscle weakness or joint problems. Often, mobility problems occur at one time and combine to seriously affect mobility.

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