Tips for Keeping Your Parents at Home as They Age

As your parents get older, they may want to stay at home instead of moving into a nursing home.  However, this can pose a challenge if they struggle to complete daily tasks without assistance. While you may assume that moving your parents to a nursing or care facility is your only choice, keeping your parents at home is now a viable option.

To help your parents safely stay at home as they age, follow these tips:

  • Add grab bars in the bath or shower to combat wet, slippery surfaces
  • Get rid of slide-prone throw rugs and replace them with non-skid mats
  • Bright night lights make nighttime trips to the restroom or kitchen safer at night
  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed
  • Get your parents a reacher, or grabber, to allow for bend-free retrieval of items that fall on the floor
  • Install a phone with amplified speakers to help those with hearing impairments
  • Be sure that your parents have a bedside light that is easy to turn on and off
  • Put cordless telephones throughout the house  for easy access in any room

By following these tips for keeping your parents at home as they age, you can help to ensure that your loved ones stay safe and secure in the place they love most.