Questions to Ask When Hiring In Home Care

Home health aides often take care of aging parents and spouses who need extra help.  Here are some questions to ask when hiring in home care.

As the United States ages and people live longer, the need for home care is on the rise. While many aging seniors receive care from unpaid family members, the need for home health aides will increase. 

Home health aides are trusted to take care of aging parents and spouses who need extra help.  However, it’s natural to have questions before hiring a professional caregiver. Here are some questions to ask when hiring home care.

How Do I Make Sure a Home Health Aide is Fully Qualified?

Background checks and training are essential to ensure your loved one’s safety. In addition to background checks, look for home health aides with additional training hours beyond your state's requirement. Home health aides typically receive training in a wide range of topics, including personal care, nutrition, and vital signs.

How Do I Know That a Particular Home Health Aide is The Right Fit for My Loved One?

Not only do you need to hire a home health aide who is properly trained and verified, but you need to hire someone who is caring and compassionate. Many home health care companies furnish a prospective client with a need-based profile to ensure that a home health aide is selected to fit his or her lifestyle and personality. This means that everyone is on the same page, working together as a team to provide customized care.

Will My Loved One Lose Their Privacy or Independence?

A home health aide is committed to keeping your aging loved one independent and safe, allowing him or her to stay in control of their daily routine. While some independence is bound to be lost, the right home health care aide will work hard to make sure that your loved one preserves their privacy and dignity.