Granny Pods: An Alternative to Assisted Living or Retirement Communities

Across the country, backyard cottages, sometimes called “granny pods,” are springing up as an alternative to assisted living facilities or a retirement communities. Senior citizens can preserve their privacy and maintain their independence while safely living in their own space. Typically placed in the backyard of the family home, these small yet comfortable cottages provide a high-tech, safe alternative to traditional nursing homes.

Senior citizens who are unable to maintain a full size home but do not need nursing home accommodations may benefit from one of these prefabricated residences. Plus, the cost of a granny pod is often less than traditional long-term elder care costs. Technology found inside these homes is similar to that found in modern hospital rooms, such as safety rails, built-in cameras, and lighted flooring.

The inside of this state-of-the-art home, while small, uses space efficiently to create separate living, sleeping, and bathing areas. Electricity and water are connected directly to the utilities of the family home. Many of these homes are equipped with the latest technology, including the ability to monitor resident vital signs and filter indoor air. Some homes are even equipped with computers that provide medication reminders.

By 2030, it is estimated that nearly 75 million Americans will be 65 years old or older. Unfortunately, as people age, many treatment options take them away from family or friends. With granny pods, families have the ability to participate in an elderly relative’s life without compromising on privacy.