Finding Affordable Senior Housing in Major Cities

Finding affordable senior housing in major cities across America may be one of the biggest challenges facing the elderly and their loved ones.

Affordable housing for seniors can be hard to find in major cities, a problem which has the potential to become a major issue as more people across America age. Many seniors these days want to live independently of grown children and maintain some of their own interests and hobbies. In order to do this, they typically need to live in an urban area where they can easily access public transportation and the resources they need. Living in a suburban area can actually make life much harder for a senior, particularly if they do not feel comfortable driving.

Recently, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed legislation which will give seniors more access to affordable places to live. The affordable housing bill actually serves to expand the group of seniors eligible for rent breaks. Previously, seniors had to make less than $29,000 per year. This amount, particularly in New York City, is next to nothing, meaning only the poorest and most desperate seniors could get help with rent. In this example, seniors who have an income of $30,000 would be solely responsible for rent, which in one of the city’s boroughs can easily be a thousand or more per month. These seniors are effectively house poor, meaning that by the time they pay rent, they can afford little else.

Under DeBlasio’s new legislation, seniors that make up to $50,000 will now get assistance in the form of rent breaks. This expansion of the assistance available for seniors makes it much easier for these folks to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, particularly for the cold winter months.