Every Month is Older American’s Month

May is National Elder Law Month and Older Americans Month, a great time to focus on the contributions and needs of older adults. For Life Care Planning Law Firms, every month is Older American's Month. And we like it that way.

Though Life Care Planning Law Firms serve older adults year-round, they are paying special attention to the important and valuable contributions that clients and their families make in their communities this month, when two nationwide awareness campaigns put the spotlight on older adults.

One celebration, Older American's Month, is a 55-year-old tradition. Launched in 1963 by the Administration on Aging, Older Americans Month strives to appreciate and celebrate the vitality and aspirations of older adults, along with their contributions and achievements. The 2018 Older Americans Month theme, Engage at Every Age, emphasizes that people are never too old (or too young) to take part in activities that can enrich physical, mental and emotional well-being. To draw attention to the vitality that engagement can create, the 2018 Older Americans Month celebration includes a “selfie challenge” where older adults are encouraged to snap a selfie or have someone take their picture participating in activities that improve mental and physical well-being, and then post the image to social media using the hashtag #OAM18. “To me, this sparks a sense of energy and optimism about getting older,” said Amelia Crotwell, a Certified Elder Law Attorney and founder of Elder Law of East Tennessee, a Knoxville-based Life Care Planning Law Firm. “There's less to fear and more to enjoy if you're engaged in life.”

The second celebration, National Elder Law Month, highlights the legal issues unique to people as they age and strives to empower families with information they will need to select a skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable attorney to work with them. Throughout May, members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys across the country—including many Life Care Planning Law Firms—offer seminars, conduct elder law clinics, do pro bono work, and host other activities designed to educate the public. “Not long ago, elder law wasn't widely understood,” said Crotwell, “but with the number of older people in the population projected to increase to 71.5 million in 2030, more people are becoming aware of elder law as they seek out specialized legal advice about aging-related issues.”

Attorneys who launch Life Care Planning Law Firms are especially passionate about their work with older Americans. “I was called to serve the elderly because I find them so worthy of service,” said Crotwell, who has been creating customized Life Care Plans for clients for the past seven years. “I consider it a privilege to work with people who have lived full lives, developed communities, grown families, taught children, worked hard, and saved their money. It’s very rewarding to help with their difficulties later in life. They are so grateful for what we do for them.”

A Life Care Planning Law Firm’s multidisciplinary team of professionals is trained to deal with the many issues that can arise for people later in life, such as planning for incapacity, estate planning, asset preservation, accessing public benefits, and most importantly, finding the best possible care. “Our desire is to help clients age gracefully and with dignity regardless of what life throws at them,” Crotwell noted. “All too often, Americans wait to deal with these issues in times of crisis, rather than working with a Life Care Planning Law Firm before the crisis occurs. By planning ahead, seniors can ensure that they have the services and support they need as they get older.”