Woman with umbrella - elderly couple in backgroundElder Care Overload: The latest threat to workplace productivity

After 15 years of outstanding performance, your best employee starts showing up late. When she makes it to work, she misses deadlines and seems preoccupied. Is she having personal problems?

As your employees age, so do their parents. This creates new challenges. How do you support valued employees without adding costly benefit programs, overloading co-workers or standing by helplessly as they leave to become full-time caregivers? What can you do?

Refer your employees to a local Life Care Planning Law Firm. Life Care Planning Law Firms specialize in helping families respond to all of the challenges of long-term illness and disability, including caregiving challenges that tax families long before nursing home care is needed.  

A referral costs nothing and pays off in tangible benefits for your company, including:

  • Focused employees who aren't distracted by worries about care
  • Better retention
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower turnover cost

When it comes to supporting employees who are dealing with the long-term illness or disability of an elderly loved one, there is more you can do. Refer them to a Life Care Planning Law Firm.

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