Caregiver Respite

When you're a family caregiver working with a Life Care Planning Law Firm, every aspect of caring for your elderly love one is easier. Especially taking breaks.

April—Stress Awareness Month—is a great time to reflect on the challenges faced by people managing the care of elderly loved ones on top of jobs, homes, families, and careers. Though caregiving can be immensely rewarding, it can also be a difficult juggling act that can lead to exhaustion, resentment, depression, burnout, and even chronic illness. How can these negative effects be avoided?

Advance Care Planning: The Most Important Conversations Americans Aren't Having

What is advance care planning? Why is it important? Why do so many people resist it? Life Care Planning Law Firms are there to help when it’s time to have "The Talk.”

The statistics are sobering. Two-thirds of American adults haven't completed an advance directive, a legal document that outlines a person's wishes if they become incapacitated and can't make their own health care decisions, particularly near the end of life.

Journey into Life Care Planning: Marsha Goodman

How does a lawyer with a commercial law background end up practicing this unique specialty of elder law? Marsha Goodman, a Certified Elder Law Attorney in Arizona, describes the road she took to Life Care Planning.

The Anatomy of an Elder Care Coordinator

What are elder care coordinators? Why do they work for a law firm? This article explains the unique role of an elder care coordinator in a Life Care Planning Law Firm.

When families visit a Life Care Planning Law Firm, they’re often surprised to learn that the staff includes non-legal professionals. One of the most important non-legal roles belongs to elder care coordinators, the compassionate professionals who serve as a family’s guide during the long-term care journey.

The 411 on Wait Lists

What are wait lists? How do they work? Why are they so confounding? This article explains why having the kind of help that you'll get from a Life Care Planning Law Firm is doubly important in a wait list situation.

Your elderly mother needs nursing home care. You choose a facility and submit an application only to discover that that she’s been put on a wait list. How can this be?

Opioid Abuse: Not Just a Young Person’s Problem

Not all opioid users are young. Abuse of these powerful drugs has skyrocketed among the elderly. How big is this problem? How do Life Care Planning Law Firms support families facing this issue?
When you think about an opioid addict, who comes to mind? Would you be surprised to know that more and more opioid addicts are senior citizens? Older Americans are using narcotic pain pills in surprisingly high numbers.

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