Respecting a Senior Citizen With Dementia

Respecting a senior with dementia can be a daily struggle for you and your loved ones. Maintain respect for your loved one as their memory, judgment, and ability may deteriorate.

A senior experiencing memory loss may feel vulnerable and may need constant reassurance and support.  Helping an aging loved one going through memory loss with day-to-day tasks can make maintaining respect difficult. Ask yourself: what makes your aging loved one who they are? Keeping the role of who they are as you engage with them is an important way to show your loved one the respect that he or she deserves.

Help your aging loved one feel respected, valued, and supported with these tips for respecting a senior citizen with dementia:

  • Make Time to Listen to Your Loved Ones Needs
  • Enjoy your Loved Ones Company
  • Be Comfortable in Showing Affection
  • Participate in Activities You Both Enjoy
  • Give Encouragement when Needed
  • Do Not Scold or Criticize
  • Always Be Patient
  • Don’t Brush Off Their Worries, Even if They Seem Insignificant
  • Make Time to Offer Support
  • Create a Failure-Free Environment for Your Loved One
  • Be Sensitive to Intimate Activities, Such as Bathing or Using the Toilet
  • Give Them the Opportunity to Make Choices and Have Opinions
  • Be Flexible and Tolerant
  • Treat Your Loved One as an Adult at All Times


Remember to leave your view of reality and enter their reality. Try to understand what the person with dementia is feeling. By following these tips, you can help to make sure that you're treating your aging loved one the respect and compassion that they deserve.